Welcome to the TAHUNA Smartphone Application’s documentation.
This page is meant to help you through the setup and show you the available features.

The articles are grouped by categories that cover the application’s functionalities. Some categories have a subcategory that is collapsed by default.
These are denoted by an arrow (>). You can open them by clicking the title. The same is true for all the articles listed.

The articles contain highlights to help you identify a function. Some have hyperlinks that take you to a section referred in the text.

There are embedded pictures you can click to expand – these show you screenshots or buttons of the screen the article relates to.
Some pictures are gropuped in a slider. You can navigate within these slides with the arrows on their sides.
The pictures enclosed can be clicked and viewed in a lightbox. To exit the lightbox view, click the Close button (X) within the browser at the top right of the webpage.