Welcome to the TAHUNA Tool desktop software’s documentation.
This page is meant to help you through the setup and show you the available features.

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Definitions: You can hereby see a short list of the definitions and wording used in the context of the TAHUNA Tool desktop software.

Profiles: A “profile” in the context of Tahuna products means a type of activity, i.e. hiking, road riding, boating. Each tour can have one profile associated to it, which represents the activity that was carried out at the time of recording, or the proposed activity type when creating a tour.

POI: A “Point of interest”, a point on the map with at least a geographic coordinate associated to it, representing a location where something of interest resides (usually a static point, like a bus station or a museum, an ATM, etc.).

Tour: A route, or collection of routes on the map representing real life tours at real locations. A tour has at least two points, connected by a directed line (representing the direction of travel on the route). Tours can be created/edited in the Tool, they can also be recorded with GPS-enabled devices. Tours can have all kinds of data (e.g. name, images, etc.) associated to them. They are usually stored in separate files within the file system using the GPX extension and format.

Tourbook: A tourbook is a collection of tours, usually grouped by some criteria that all tours in a tourbook share (e.g. region, or profile).

Tooltips: Tooltips are small, informative popups that open when the mouse cursor hovers over specific widgets within the Tool for a certain amount of time (~2 sec). They contain a short description about what you, as a user can do with the widget. Once you make an action or move the mouse cursor away from the widget, the popup is closed automatically.