SkiVoices for iPhone has been released

We have released our new app for iPhone skiers called SkiVoices. This application gives you professinal quality voice annotations and navigation during your ski trip. It is a true hands-free GPS for skiers. Just put your iPhone into your pocket, connect your ear plugs and start your trip!

You can even record and share your track which can be played back in Google Earth later.


Premium voice annotations  – hear your current or new maximum speed while going downhill or hear distance or direction to destination. Select from a dozen of additional announcment types

  • Online piste map (just press Map Type button while you see OpenPisteMap in bottom left corner)
  • Google Maps, Satellite and OpenCycleMap are also available
  • Track recording
  • Detailed track statistics
  • You can see previously saved tracks on Map
  • Export tracks via E-mail or share them on Facebook
  • Operate offline with pre-cached map content
  • Measure distances and define routes by drawing directly on the map

Navigate to a point in straight line or along a route