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When you are ready to go, the application will show you a route selection screen (Route peview screen) where you can choose between the ‘SUGGESTED’, an ‘ECO’ and the ‘SHORTEST’ option. The ECO option comes in handy when you are riding an E-bike and want to extend battery life. You will find these buttons at the bottom of the screen. All options will be drawn on the map and highlighted in blue depending on your selection.

After taking your pick, tap ‘Go’ again to start navigating.

At the top of the screen you will see the trip length and the estimated time to destination. If you swipe this pane to the left, you can check the terrain lying ahead. If the starting point is further away from your current location, the altitude graph will show a flag to represent the aforementioned point.

The big hexagon shows you the instructions during navigation. These include an arrow to show you the direction and a number indicating the distance left to the next required action.

Tap this button to lock the map to your position and make it disappear. If you see this icon, the map will turn following your movement.

Stop navigation. You will stay on the map but the instructions will stop.

Record activity. You can record and save your trips/workouts for further reference.

Current location. Locate yourself on the map if you wandered away while browsing.

Layers. Select the layer and POI types to display on the map.

Search. Tap this button to open the Destination screen.