GPS Tuner’s latest cloud-based software version was showcased at Eurobike 2015 with superb recognition by the audience. This latest version promises not only to enhance the end users experience with its new and optimized features, but also that of the manufacturers. The tool operates as a service suite, feeding all essential users’ riding behavior and habit information to the manufacturer in order to maximize product offers and enhance the customer’s journey. API support proved being another highly coveted feature among spectators, which offers modular features relevant to the needs of the OEMs.

Ebike Tuner, GPS Tuner’s white label e-bike integrated product concept, was likewise successfully showcased at Eurobike show, this time fully integrated into the Continental e-bike system.

Teasi Volt, the latest product of the Teasi product family, a leader among navigation devices in Germany, announced Ansmann, Brose and TanzX e-bike systems as additions to the list of software integrations powered by GPS Tuner.