Outdoor Navigation for WP7 v1.4

We have released a new update for Outdoor Navigation for WP7 with some new and exciting features.



First you should create a Dropbox account at http://www.dropbox.com site and login with your e-mail and password in Outdoor Navigation. You can use one of the four functions:

Creates a full backup from your tracks, pois, routes and settings into a backup file and uploads it to your Dropbox (into an OutdoorNavigationWP7 folder).

Restores tracks, pois, routes and settings from a backup file. Please note that current data will be replaced with the restored one.

Creates KML or GPX files from your tracks, pois, routes and and uploads it to your Dropbox.

Imports tracks, poi or route data from KML, GPX or LOC file. You can download Geocaching LOC files from the following site http://www.geocaching.com and then copy it into your OutdoorNavigationWP7 folder, so Outdoor Navigation can open it.

French and Spanish Language

We have translated the User Interface to French and Spanish.

Sun Azimuth on Compass

As Microsoft does not allow app developers to use the internal compass chip on Windows Phone 7, devices can not determine North when standing still. Now Outdoor Navigation helps in such situations(as a workaround) with indicating the Sun’s direction. Users can align the Sun icon towards the Sun and get the right direction.