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Limitations in trial mode
You are able to try GPS Tuner in DEMO mode for two weeks with some limitations. If the software meets your needs, you have to register (buy a license key) it to use without limitations. These limitations are:
You can record tracklog up to 250 points only
You can record area up to 50 points only
You can not use GPS Share system
Additional resources
Waypoint and Track sources
We suggest you to visit the following web sites for Waypoint and Track exchange:
Desktop mapping applications
We suggest you to try the following mapping application for map export (save as - or convert into - JPG file):
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Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6
16 MB RAM (32 MB for VGA)
GPS Receiver (NMEA compatible)
Google Maps / Earth
GPS Tuner is compatible with free Google Maps / Earth application. You can read the details here.
Buy it
If software meets your needs, please choose one of three available license types.

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